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RoboVR is a Robotic Sports Company into Robotics Education.

They are the pioneers in building a community of Robots playing Human Sports against other Robots in India.

Always excited to expand our team & spread Robotics to every corner of the country.

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“How to build Sports Robots”

RoboVR organizes Robotic Sports Workshops in all Schools & Colleges across India. The Robots taught are Robo Football, Hockey, Golf, Basketball, Relay Racing, Tug of War & many more SportsBots!

Attend the workshops & get eligible to participate in RoboVR 2018!

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RoboVR 2017

The Rise of Sportsbots

RoboVR celebrates Robot Sports in INDIA with an annual event of Robot Sports Competition where students from all over India and around build Sports Robots & participate.

The 2nd edition is on 29th - 30th December 2017 at IIT Bombay’s Techfest, A Grand Success !

RoboVR 2017 Media


RoboVR is creating a Robo-revolution. With RoboVR Made in IndiaSports Robots launching this 2018. They are installing Robot Sports arenas at Offices, Schools, Colleges & Malls for adults, children as well as professionals to get people to experience their hands on Robots and controls them to play our sports!

To set-up a Robot Arena at your space, drop us an email!